Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Status Report (May 19 - May 25)

Things that have been done:
1. Design (Use case and Class Diagram)
2. Started porting exisiting implementation to use wxWidget and VIGRA
I've set up a basic wxWidget project. I'll start using VIGRA from the second week of coding phase.
3. Finalized scope (ie. deliverables for the project, what will be supported by the design and implementation)
Its mainly in the wiki. To summarize -
1. Create mask from brush strokes provided by the user
2. Fine tune mask
3. GUI features:
3.1 Undo/Redo
3.2 Load/Store
3.3 Zoom in/out
4. Extensible Design ie. provision for using different segmentation techniques, integrate with different front end
5. Standalone application that reads the pto file, lets the user create masks, remaps the mask and writes out the mask
6. Lastly work on automatically segmenting a sequence of images and masking out dark regions

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