Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Status Report (June 11- June 16)

+ load mask project file and PTO
I created an ad-hoc project file called mask editor project (mep) which contains a link to the pto file and filenames of remapped images.
+ modified how project files and images get loaded
+ added zoom in/out feature (Basic features at the moment. More zooming features will be added after the core functionalities have been implemented)
+ updated design and added sequence diagram for loading mask project files
+ fixed some gui issues related to splitter window
+ Using VIGRA for doing watershed filtering
I used the watershed filtering example in VIGRA to perform watershed filtering on some of the images that I took. It took about 1 sec for 200x133 and ~20min for 3008x2000 size images. I'll be looking for alternate implementation of watershed algorithm and also try out applying the filter on the overlapped region between remapped images. I've also tried mean-shift (EDISON) and it produces an over-segmented image (3008x2000) in ~5mins.
+ Implementing polygon masking
Only the basic polygon editing mode was implemented.

Not done yet:
1. Polygon masking
This is going to be the next task. I'll be designing the generic segmentation module while working on this.

Plans for next 3 weeks:
The basic framework is more or less done. I'm going to focus on the core segmentation part in the next three weeks.

4th week
1. Polygon masking
2. Find common overlapped area (I'll be working with uncropped images produced by PTuncrop)
2. Start incorporating interactive segmentation
3. Refine Design related to segmentation
4. Add Undo/Redo feature (partial). Use GlobalCmdHist and Command pattern

5th week
1. work on interactive image segmentation (experiment with different energy term, pre-segmentation, color space and document the process)

6th week
1. Further work on interactive image segmentation
2. work on preview window

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