Monday, June 23, 2008

Status Report (June 17- June 23)

+ Implemented Basic polygon masking
1. Load an image: File->Load Images->(select an image)
2. Edit->Add Point (zoom in/out if requried)
3. Left click to add point and right click to finish adding points
4. File->Save Mask->(provide a filename and location) mask will be stored as a bitmap file
+ Interface between maskeditor and segmentation algorithms designed and implemented
+ Added command history support
+ Added option for saving mask bitmap
+ Fixed editing scaled image

Not done yet:
1. Finding overlapped area

Plans for next 3 weeks:

5th week
1. Port the current implementation
The implementation would atleast be able to work with small images
2. Use VIGRA watershed filtering from the LazySnapping class

6th week
1. Further work on interactive image segmentation
2. Apply segmentation on the overlapped region
3. work on preview window
4. Select multiple images for display

7th week
1. add option for choosing segmentation technique
2. determine which image is being edited

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