Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Status Report (June 3- June 10)

Things that have been done

1. Used HuginBase::ImageCache for loading images
2. Made some GUI changes
3. Added feature for drawing brush strokes.(polygon hasn't been added yet but it shouldn't be any different from handling brush strokes). To see the brush strokes feature -
a. Load an image
b. Hold down the left (foreground) or right (background) mouse button and drag. The stroke will be shown while dragging.

Not done yet (these will be done over the next few weeks)
1. Work on current implementation of interactive image segmentation (work with large images, and restarting flow)
2. Apply watershed filtering to the images (tentative)
3. Use hugin base especially GlobalCmdHist and Command pattern and utilities for tracing

Plan for next few weeks
3rd week
1. Read PTO File
2. Add Zoom in/out feature
3. Use VIGRA for doing basic image processing (try watershed filtering)
4. Implement basic polygon masking ie. the user will draw a polygon and the bounding region will be considered as a mask.

4th week
1. Start incorporating interactive segmentation
2. Refine Design related to segmentation
3. Add Undo/Redo feature (partial). Use GlobalCmdHist and Command pattern

5th and 6th week
1. work on interactive image segmentation (experiment with different energy term, pre-segmentation, color space and document the process)

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