Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10th Week (July 29 - Aug 4)

1st half of 10th Week July 29 - July 31
1. Implemented Undo/Redo feature for basic polygon editing (only available in standalone maskeditor)
2. Implement image loading by using remapped images from PreviewPanel
However the edited alpha layer needs to be fed from the MaskEdEditWnd

2nd half of 10th Week (July 29 - Aug 4)
1. Improve usability. Determine which image is being edited, polygon editing
Implemented in integrated version. Basically if a single image is chosen then that image is considered as being edited otherwise the last image of multiple selection is considered the top image
2. Fixed mask editing bug. The polyed_basic can be used to edit mask. However there's another bug that prevents changing mask editing mode. This will be fixed in the next commit.
3. Further work on integration. Use edited alpha layer.
There's still some work to do here. Basically converting from wxBitmap to BImage and using that mask.

Not done yet:
1. Load/Store mask
This hasn't been implemented yet. I'm thinking about doing an inverse mapping of the mask created from the preview mode and incorporating it with the original file.

11th Week (Aug 5 - Aug 11) [Aug 11 is suggested pencils down]
1. Further work on Load/Store mask
2. Work on remapping
3. Usability: work on zooming
4. Pre-segmentation in lazy snapping
5. Lazy snapping polygon boundary editing. Implement contour finding.

12th Week (Aug 12 - Aug 18) [Aug 18th is final day for uploading code]
1. Usability
2. Integration

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