Tuesday, August 5, 2008

9th Week (July 22 - July 28)

1. MaskEdEditWnd integration with PreviewFrame
It is now possible to switch to Mask Editor mode. However image loading needs to be modified. I'm thinking of using the UpdatePreview implemented in PreviewPanel to create individual remapped image and then feeding that to MaskEdEditWnd as well as MaskMgr.

31st July
1. Undo/Redo feature for basic polygon editing
2. Implement image loading as describe above
3. Incorporate pre-segmentation step in lazy snapping
4. Load/Store mask

10th Week (July 29 - Aug 4)
1. Further work on Load/Store mask
2. Implement basic mechanism for doing remapping
3. Improve usability. Determine which image is being edited, polygon editing
4. Further work on integration
5. Lazy snapping polygon boundary editing.

11th Week (Aug 5 - Aug 11) [Aug 11 is suggested pencils down]
1. Further work on remapping
2. Usability: work on zooming
3. Integration

12th Week (Aug 12 - Aug 18) [Aug 18th is final day for uploading code]
1. Usability
2. Integration

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