Monday, August 11, 2008

11th Week (Aug 5 - Aug 11)

1. Further work on Load/Store mask
It is now possible to store the bitmap mask while saving the project. However I haven't yet figure out a good way to pass the edited alpha channel to the stitchers used by the preview frame or use the transformation library.
2. Bug fix:
a) fixed crash while changing mask editing mode
b) fixed editing problem while zoomed in/out
3. Wiki updated.

Not done yet:
1. Work on remapping
2. Pre-segmentation in lazy snapping
3. Lazy snapping polygon boundary editing. Implement contour finding.

12th Week (Aug 12 - Aug 18) [Aug 18th is final day for uploading code]
1. Allow editing the vertices of the polygon in the polygon editing mode
2. Store the mask after proper scaling
3. Preliminary implementation for pre-segmentation and contour finding
4. Update design documents

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